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Data Management Workshop by Anil Dindigal


Anil Dindigal
Analytics, Al & Growth Executive
Excel Global Solutions Inc. – USA

Over 20 years experience working with clients including Cisco, IBM, FedEx, Unilever, Toyota, Google, Amazon & Salesforce.
In this webinar you can interact directly with data management expert, Anil Dindigal, and listen to his unique approach to data management.
  • Brief introduction to Domain-Driven Design and Event Storming concerning data-centric solutions.
  • How these methodologies align with business objectives and data strategies.
  • Event Storming Session: Chaos Exploration in data-centric scenarios.
  • Structured analysis using DDD principles focusing on data architecture and processing.
  • Brainstorming on actionable items.
  • Areas of potential value creation through data analytics and processing.

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